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Introducing CoR training specifically Master Code auditors and HVNL Due Diligence specialists



  Supply Chain Auditors, Quality Managers, Compliance Managers



The MASTER CODE is aligned to HVNL and avoids all the opinions and bad practice of many prescriptive systems and audits.


The Master Code is the answer to verifying HVNL compliance. The Master Code audit tool MUST be aligned to the Code only, which is aligned with law.  The audit tool MUST be structured with Standards and Criteria only NOT questions - which is the case of many plagiarised bad practice tools. This allows an organisation to demonstrate HOW they comply not have a auditor dictate how to comply.  




My business has been an ALC approved audit provider for NLSC auditing. I have been a WHS, NHVAS, WA, TruckSafe and TruckCare auditor.

I have specialised and completed hundreds of audits on off-road parties not just transport operators.


I have been working in the forefront of Supply Chain safety and CoR for over two decades with some of Australia’s largest consignors, load manager and transport operators.


I have qualifications in:

• Auditing

• Training and assessing

• Chain of Responsibility

• Fatigue



I conduct formal training for my audit team twice per year achieving high standards and consistency


The specific audit training will include:


• The difference between audits’ standards, criteria and the place for questions

• Keeping to and mapping an audit to the code and not your opinions

• Maintaining objectivity not opinion

• Identifying methods a client may and can use to demonstrate compliance

• Objectively reporting required actions and considerations for improvement

• Conducting the audit based on CB 029 – 2003 “The Audit Handbook” for quality auditors

• Effective executive summary

• Who and how to manage non-conformance close outs

• How to build an audit



Qualifications in internal and lead auditor.

Qualifications in CoR to management level.

Supply chain contract knowedge and experience.

At least eight years experience in on-road and off-road supply chain Transport Activities.

(Any NHVAS auditors need to understand their experience may be on-road only).


The sections on knowledge of law will have in-class assessment and case -study work.


Auditors will have to build an audit tool as part of the assessment.


Auditors will need to present a completed audit. In field assessments can be arranged.

Certificates of participation are provided, but no certificates of competence as there is no designated course.



CoR for champions 2018

Mass compliance for load managers


CoR risk management - Complete risk assessments as required by HVNL 26C



Demystifying CoR


Mentoring your compliance and integrating HVNL with WHS


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