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YES,  HVNL compliance CAN be integrated with WHS safety system.


We specialise in the following services:


• HVNL (CoR) Due Diligence


• Master Code audits including CoR Assurance and AMCAS versions


• HVNL Risk Assessments


• Assisting the integration of HVNL compliance into WHS systems


• Mentoring and reviewing system compliance




I also provide specialised training:


• CoR for Champions


• Demystifying CoR


• Risk Management


• CoR auditor training


I support the Master Code concept and one audit to be recognised by all supply chain partners.

My audit tool is built on ISO guidelines with criteria not questions. It is aligned to the code and law NOT to opinions. This is our speciality; we can audit the supply chain not just Transport Operators



Chain of Compliance staff are very conscious of treating clients' information in confidence. For this reason I will not allow a proliferation of customer names, contacts and logos on our website. This confidentiality is a requirement for all our specialists.

The industries we work in include:

* Mining and quarry

* Oil and gas

* Petrochemical distribution

* Exploration

* Abattoirs

* Agricultural production and distribution

* Intermodal interface

* Manufactured metal product

* Dangerous goods storage and disribution

* General pallet storage and distribution

* Manufacturing













> Dip App Sc AG

> Diploma of Business Quality      BSB51904

>Lead auditor OHS & Quality

> Cert 1V Training and Assessment TAA40104

> Cert 1V OHS BSB41407

>Ensure compliance with chain of Responsibility TLIF4094A

> Implement chain of Responsibility regulations TLIF30393A

>Demonstrate awareness of chain of Responsibility regulations TLIF2092A

> Administer the implementation of fatigue management strategies TLIF3063A

>PACIA Dangerous Goods Risk Assessment

>PACIA Warehouse of Chemicals and the Transport Interface

>WorkCover Return to Work coordinator



Services to assist HVNL/CoR Compliance


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